My brother-in-law has a big job interview next week but recently tore his MCL. He's on crutches and has a significant knee brace that really prevents him from wearing a suit as the pants won't fit over top. What should he do? Let the interviewer know ahead of time that his dress will be less that completely professional? Wear a shirt and tie with shorts?

Any help from the community on this strange one would be much appreciated.


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I'd recommend calling ahead and letting them know, a) because they might need to make accommodations with the room, and b) letting them know he won't be able to wear something to his normal standard. When it's happened to me, I have been understanding and I'm sure they will be, but it's much better to know upfront, so the interviewers aren't shocked and can move straight to the normal process.

And then dress as smartly as possible, and apologize ONCE when he gets there. Too apologetic gets irritating!

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Thank you Wendii! You're the best! 

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This is where Goodwill or other used clothing stores are helpful--find a nice pair of black dress pants for $3.

Then MAKE them fit over the cast, or cut them apart.

I run into this with student athletes all the time :)

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Can he not put the brace on over the pants?  (Just curious.)

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This is a great opportunity to show the ability to still present a professional image despite an unfortunate incident.

I LOVE Bug Girl's idea of finding a cheap pair of still-decent-looking pants at Goodwill. I'd NOT wear shorts. It's way too casual and kind of says "I'll give up on my appearance if something bad happens."

If this is for any kind of public-facing role, think if he would appear on TV or at a conference like this. How could he dress it up and still wear the brace and crutches?