Hi MT-people,

BLUF: how to get a job "overseas"? 

I have limited experience in this stuff.. and I was wondering how does this process work.

For instance: for a guy working in Europe (UK), who wants to apply to a job in US or China.. how to deal with interview process? 

Skype and phone interviews shouldn't be a problem, but what about for "live" interview? 

One is expected to travel there once/twice/three times to get interviewed? it could be problematic.. isnt it?

Some issues that come to my mind:

  • if the interview is set up in a short time frame (ie in one/two weeks), what should I say to my boss without raising suspicion about asking suddendly 4-5 days off?
  • are there "special procedure" for hiring people from overseas? 
  • are this travelling cost normally refunded? 

I just want to clarify my false myth and misconceptions... 

Can you describe your experiences or typical procedure?

Thanks so much in advance!!!



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I've had a few opportunities to work in a different country. Usually, they will leave the "face to face" as the last interview, if your position is senior enough. If not, Skype or other video calls will suffice.

I unfortunately haven't been able to make it to the last step yet for the face-to-face, but I was told if I did, the employer would cover the travel costs.

Concerning taking time off, I think you simply leave it as "I need to take some personal time for some personal issues" and leave it at that. If he/she wants to dive more into this, just say that it is rather personal, thanks for the help, but I'd rather not disclose.

And most likely, IF this is the final interview and the company is paying for your travel, I would think you practically have to job. But, that being said, I wouldn't 100% count on it until you get the offer.

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thanks tokyotony.

your answer is very clear and focused.

My only worry is that the lack of "the eligity to work in XXX" (where XXX is the country I am applying for, will cut me out from the selection of succesful applicants...

thanks again for your help. I really appreciate.


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Whenever a company is looking overseas at a candidate, they will need to weigh it against the cost and benefits of hiring local. If a local person can do the job as good as or better than you can, why hiring someone overseas.

Eligibility to work in a certain country will be a bonus but probably not a deal breaker is you are definitely wanted for the role and they can't find someone locally to do it. It will depend on the country, but any establish company should be able to get you a work visa. I think that will be the least of their worries unless, of course, there are restrictions in the hiring country.

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thanks tokyotony. You gave me new hope...