Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask Mark and Mike when the package with podcasts covering how to handle interviews might be finalized. My first interview ever is Friday next week with a large consulting firm and since I'm getting tired of grinding through case solutions I'm ready to dive into preparing for the Fit part of the interviews. Considering the value I got from the Introductions-cast and the Kellog videos I know that having the other ~14 might be a huge competitive advantage. Any chance at least some of these casts might be available to buy within a week? :wink:

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Unfortunately, no. We have been inundated with client requests, and are struggling with priorities and bandwidth issues.


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Thank you for the update Mark. I'll go in there and use what I've learned so far (a lot)! Stay tuned for an update on the result early next week. Thanks again for all you're doing.

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Can you give an update on when you expect to release the interviewing package? I am starting a job search in the Fall and I would love to prepare by listening to these casts this summer.

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This summer, in plenty of time.


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I had been waiting and waiting for the interviewing package since starting my job search 8 months ago (and discovering MT at the same time). Thanks however to the advice gleaned from the existing material I start a new position in two weeks.
The 1 page achievement resume was a revelation to the new company's HR department and my new Boss. The advise you gave on the interview introduction, on framing answers around achievements, and the weakness question helped me to nail it.
I am now fired up to start setting up the MT framework in the new role.

Thanks M&M.

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Congratulations, Jim! Here's wishing a fabulous first 90 days!

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Thanks Julia