Hello Everyone,

[b]I am looking for materials on how to prepare and handle interviews[/b]-

[u]Please help! my last stage interview (3rd in a row) for a [b]dream job[/b] is on 12th[/u]

apart from single podcast (31.10.2007 Interviews - The Introduction) that was really helpful I cannot find any info.
That podcast included info on planned series of podcasts on this topic -have they been published?
Also I`ve seen discussion on Mark Horstman Kellog video but once again I cannot find an active link

many thanks for help and advice on where to get those (or other) good materials.

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I do not believe the Kellogg video is available online at this time. I thought there had been discussion about making it available again via the MT site, but I'm not sure that's been done yet. (I recall conversation about it being Mark's intellectual property, but the details beyond that are a bit fuzzy). M&M have both been pretty busy for the last bit, so the interview series has not yet been published.

I've also sent you a PM you may want to check out.

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I would also check out the registered members podcast about The Perfect Handshake and the podcast on Paying Better Attention.

Both will help you out immensely.

That being said, if you have made it to the 3rd interview of your dream job, you are already impressing the heck out of people or you would not be where you are.

The advice I have been given is that this is where you seriously establish FIT. That being said, every company/recruiter interviews differently.

Thank them for their time, thank them for including you in the process and have fun. Like M&M say, the first 10 minutes set the tone so crank up your energy and differentiate yourself as someone they want on their team.

Good luck!