To anyone else who purchased the Interview Series:

When you were creating your list of skills, traits, abilities, and characteristics  how did you come up with a list of these "tags"?

I used most of the ones Mark mentioned, and added a couple more, based on a job posting similar to my current position.  Is there some sort of "generic" taxonomy that is recommended? I could easily come up with a hundred such "tags", but don't know what would be relevant for an interview. I don't want to end up printing and copying a zillion cards if there is an optimal set to use.


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Never seen anything generic.  Looking at the job postings for your field (and similar or adjacent jobs and fields) would yield a number of keywords that could form the basis of a list:  leadership, problem-solving, organized,  innovative, salesmanship, customer-focused, etc etc. 

Use the ones that make sense for you, your sought-after role, and your field.  What would you look for if you had to hire your replacement? 

John Hack

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Here is a list of generic / transferable skills & attributes used at my company (a bank):
Results Oriented
Creative/ Innovative Thinking
Forward & Strategic Thinking
Analytic & Systematic Thinking
Conceptual Thinking
Teamwork & Partnering
Impact & Influence
Relationship Building
Interpersonal Understanding / Empathy
Service Orientation
Developing Others
Leading Others
Building Trust
Agile / Adaptable

These are not specific technical skills e.g. C++ programming, Project Management or Excel.  The idea is that hiring managers pick the most relevant items for the role and pick appropriate questions to assess that item (you wouldn't be interviewed on all 18).

I hope that helps establish some basic categories.

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I created accomplishment examples, but I have not taken the second step of tagging & reproducing multiple copies of the items.  Its still on my ToDo list (for about 9 months now).

I like JHack's idea of scouring desired job descriptions for categories.  It may narrow your list considerably.

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 I was looking for one today and found this:


It is partial but good nonetheless!