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Can anyone recommend a presentation activity for an external interview?  Or any MT or CT casts related to this?

I've been invited to interview for an external role.  This is an hour long interview.  I've also been asked to present a five minute activity that demonstrates how I'd begin my first meeting with my new direct reports.

My sense is that I'm being asked to develop an introductory "ice breaker" activity that demonstrates effective communication and leadership.  I have some ideas but I'd also be interested in what others would do in a similar situation.

In my current role I manage 20 direct reports.  I use most of the manager tools guidance for running effective meetings.  I also do 1:1s, feedback, and coaching.  I've purchased the Interviewing Series and listened to all those casts.

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There is a great cast from Aug 2005 called "Effective Meetings" that, if you are a licensee, has show notes that include information on how to run this.
It is primarily designed to help you with being more effective in meeting management but it includes items that you will want to communicate to your new team.
This is a 3-part series.

I would also recommend some of the content from "New Direct - First Day Meeting" - January 2012.

I tend to include a simple slide on me and my work history as it is relevant to the position (if needed) and leave most of the meeting open for Q&A so that I can get a better idea on the macro level of where the team is what they are involved with. This can give you some openings to use in the 1:1 and as you learn more about your team.

I currently show about 246 casts on meetings - this is across 3-4 RSS feeds plus show notes.

I hope this helps.

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