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Is there a cast (or set of casts) that walks through the hiring process relative to taking applicants through interviews, then making an offer, and negotiation?

The real questions about the hiring process I have are:

1. When do you notify #2, #3, etc.?  There are so many things that could happen to #1 at the offer, or even the accepted stage, that having a plan B makes sense.  To be professional, we need to notify #2 and #3 as soon as we know they won't get an offer - but when really is that?  Is there a guideline?

2. As you are going through the interview process, at what point do you stop looking at applicants?  I worry that I get into a mode that says "What if the next guy is a little better than the guy I have now and I miss out?"  At some point, though, I have to pull the trigger - are there recommendations about how to proceed?

I'm hoping there is a simple set of guidelines that talk about the process (rather than individual components of the process) of hiring someone: create a job description, post position, gather applicants, interview, make offer to candidate, decline remaining candidates.  

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Hi Steve

MT's guidance is detailed and spread out over multiple casts.

For example, your first question is covered under the podcast

Use the map of the universe to see what hiring advice is around

For me, I halt looking for more candidates when I have someone who meets my minimum criteria and I want to make an offer to them.  I set the bar very high, so meeting that standard is pretty impressive.

If I have remaining candidates who look as good on paper, but I am yet to interview them, I may continue with just those candidates. However, it would have to be a short list and a short time span as impressive candidates don't generally hang around very long before someone else makes them an offer.

Hope that helps.



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Thanks -- I'll start there!  I appreciate the response.