Hello All,

I'm looking for some advice on how to complete some "homework" I received after a positive phone interview.

I have been asked to submit writing samples for a job I am interviewing for: a letter, a memo, a proposal, and a presentation. This job is in a different industry (Dental supplies) from the one in which I am currently working (paint).

[b]Should I complete the task based on my past experiences in the residential paint market, or write about the Dental industry (which I am less familiar with)?[/b]

Thanks for the assistance.

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I think you're answering your own question - Unless you're very sure of your knowledge of the dental supply business, I'd suggest you stick with paint.

Chances are they're looking for how well you present and communicate, not so much about the [i]content[/i]...

With that in mind, before you send anything, look at it with an outsider's eyes: is it clear and understandable to someone who doesn't know paint? Eliminate jargon, excessive technical descriptions, etc.

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I see Hugh's point, and it is the safer approach. But I wouldd give strong consideration to delivering on Dental Supplies. Primarily because it's what is important to them.

They don't need a paint guy. They need a dental guy. They can read your resume, they know you come from a different industry. If you show up with material for their industry (properly researched) that's going to make a very positive impression. You're showing them that you're interested, motivated, and capable of learning.

That being said, this assumes available time and research resources to make a good impression. Whatever you do, make a good presentation. Provide good writing samples. Showing your skills seems like the most important. But I think you can showcase yourself if you present in their industry.

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You can look at your materials with outsiders' eyes, but I would also encourage you to get outsiders (friends) to look at your materials with their own eyes. Put a simple error in all them them and see if your friends find them - it means they were really paying attention.


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Why not call the person who assigned this 'homework' and ask what they would like to see?


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Thank you for your advice.

I stuck with what I know - paint - and sent the information out quickly. I got a response within two hours extending me an invitation to come in for a second interview.

Thanks for the support!