I'm currently interviewing for a job in a new city. I've got a "general" idea as to the salary, but haven't asked for details yet. The next move will be for me to travel to their Corporate office, but I really want to find out if the pay is in line with what I need before going to the trouble of this. I've had 2 phone interviews. Is it too early to talk money or should I bring it up before committing to the trip?

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No, it's not too early or no, don't bring it up?

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[quote="awillingham"]Is it too early to talk money or should I bring it up before committing to the trip?[/quote]


No, you shouldn't bring up money, until there's an offer made. Here are two thread references on this topic:



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Thanks! I knew that it was in a podcast and somewhere in the forums. I'm just in the middle of a bunch of stuff and took the easy way out.

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Glad to be able to help.


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Thanks Al.

I do understand WVH's point though.. what if you find out they're going to be short $50K? No sense in going, right?

My recommendation is NOT to ask if you believe that based on the role, the location, the company, and its comparison to your present situation, that you can assume a salary range commensurate with "what you want."

Further, though: you may be putting too high a bar on this trip. Is it really all that big of a deal to go on a 2 day trip? If you're balking at that, what does that tell you about the company and your true interest?

I remember a story about a guy who REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to work at Apple years ago. He slept in the lobby for a month. (Please don't do this.) They hired him.

Do you really want it?


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I'll just flip this question around. As the interviewer, I always ask the person what general range of salary they are looking for. Now, HR is [i]supposed[/i] to prescreen but... I've twice gotten burned by interviewing and going through the hiring process only to find out the person wanted 50% more than what we could offer. So now I state early in the interview (if it's going well) that if they get an offer salary negotiations will be handled by HR. But I at least need to know if we're both in the same ballpark. I haven't had to stop an interview but I would if we were totally out of snyc.