Folks - I'm scheduled to interview with a technology firm based in the Pacific Northwest next week.  The recruiter that I have been communicating with provided the following guidline - "Our dress code is casual – You do not need to wear a suit. Please wear something that you are comfortable in."

Now this goes against the guidance that Mark and Mike give.  My gut tells me to wear a blazer, dress slacks, dress shirt, and maybe skip the tie.

What is everyone's thoughts regarding this?  I did search the forums and opinions were wide spread.

Appreciate the replys in advance!



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I'd wear a suit. Or if I wanted to be a smidge more casual maybe suit without the tie. But pants & jacket that match with a crisp dress shirt. 

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BLUF: Tone down the dress to fit the culture while still dresing smartly as an applicant for a position. 

I wish that I could tell you that this was a test to see if you wanted the job or not. 

I just moved down from the PNW and the culture there is much more relaxed than many other places. 

I recommend wearing slacks with a blazer and dres shirt. 

Showing up in a suit can show that you are not aware of their culture and/or unable to follow directions. 

This is especially true with the tech sector there. 



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Did they specifically ask you to dress casual?  Sometimes employers do make this request to see if you can dress to their culture.  If so, follow Mark's recent guidance which means, even if you dress casual, make sure it is clean and pressed. 

However, if they are only commenting on the dress code then I believe you wear a suit and tie.  I've worked in heavy industrial and was always impressed by the entry level candidate dressed this way even though I knew on day one it would be jeans and work boots.


Good luck and let us know how it goes!!!!!


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hi Raj,
I think you have hit the nail on the head. Trust your first instinct. It sounds right to me