Context: For the last 7 months, I've been an exec at a software company and have over-delivered in a measurable fashion, and have been recognized for my performance, and the company has grown due to my efforts.

Problem: Company has not met the terms of my contract due to poor financial management and planning - they're in breech, but I have no desire to escalate to legal (for many I assume to be obvious reasons). Rather, all cool - I'm just going to move on and try not to make the same mistake again. 

Question: I'm interviewing for leadership roles in marketing. What is the best way to answer the question " Why are you leaving your current position only seven months after hiring on?"

My gut answer has been one of restrained and respectful honesty: "Current company hasn't met the terms of our deal". When questioned further, I've replied: "It has to do with funding". 

Any opinions on this? I don't want to hurt my current company in any way by having a rumor get out that they don't have their i's dotted and t's crossed - rather, I'd like them to get past their problems and succeed. Also, I don't want to mis-represent myself as someone with a short leadership-attention span... but a breech is a breech, they haven't corrected the problem when given the chance, and my skills have a deep value in the current marketplace.

Any thoughts or advice on how to answer this question in an interview would be greatly appreciated.

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 DaveAno, if you're still interviewing, this podcast covers a great way to talk about your career history and why you've made the moves you've made... without saying anything negative about your current situation.

Hope it helps, and that you find a better fit soon.


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