Mark, in the recent SF conference you told us about a M-T product that produces interview questions tailored to the job being filled. If I'm not mistaken, you also mentioned the possibility of a discount for attendees :D ... Can you let me know how to obtain that service?

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The tool isn't out yet. When it is, it will be part of Premium Membership.

And yes, we're working hard on it. ;-)

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Do you have an ETA for this delivery?
Very interested.

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I just got a response from [email protected]:

Funny you should ask -- work on that project has not is actively being work by our IT folks who are putting the final phases on it. Admittedly, it has taken longer than we anticipated, yet we are very excited about the product and know it will benefit greatly those who take advantage of it. We anticipate its release in early 09.

Thank you for your kind comments about Manager Tools. Mark and Mike feel privileged to serve this community and input back to them lets them know their material is valuable and useful!

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Manager Tools Operations

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Wondering if you have an ETA on the Interview Creation Tool, or where it can be found.  Thanks