Hi Everyone,

Relatively new to MT/CT and really love the shows/advice.

I'm due an important interview in the next week or so and would like to listen to all the relevant interview material. Are there any specifc interview series', like the MT "Basics" for interviews or do I just need to search for interview podcasts in the CT podcast section?

Any recommendations to prioritise these podcasts would also be much appreciated.


Mick (UK)   

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Hi Mick,

Welcome to the forums, we're glad you're here. And congratulations on your interview.

We have a set of casts on interviewing which costs $150. You can find all the details here: It covers how to prepare, how to answer the important questions, how to close and how to follow up. Others have found it more than worth the price and we regularly get emails from members who attribute their success to it.

There are also free casts with guidance on particular kinds of interviews and what to do in particular situations. You can find all those here: If you'd like the shownotes and slides that go with those, you'll need Career Tools premium content, which you can find here:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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Great. Thanks Wendii

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Mick - Just want to give an endorsement to the series. The info is fantastic and worth every penny.


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I just went through the interview process and have to give the interview series a 110%- I accepted the position last Friday. If you follow the advice in the casts it will set you up for success. This is an investment not a cost. i.e. my first month raise paid for the entire series!

Thanks for a great product....


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Thanks for your comments guys.