Amazying! I have just had a minute to open the Manager Tools How to Interview Series.

I am on the first CD and I have to say I am sold.

The last interview I went on I was stumped I knew nothing, I starred blank. I felt like a loser I thought it was my nerves and the fact that those who interviewed me were stuffed shirts and that they were better than I was.

Listening to this podcast has me thinking it was not them, it was me! I was unprepared. I had not done my homework and it showed. I wasted my time and I wasted their time!

I am here taking notes and listening, and I am sold! I thought that perhaps I had wasted the money on this Manager Tool Interview Series and I was wrong!

Just from this one CD I know I can do my next interview because I will be prepared.

I know I will have questions but right now I must say - Thank you!


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