I have a question related to following-up for a position I recently interviewed for.  This is a Fortune 15 company and they move very slowly.  

Background:  On 10/29 I went on-site and interviewed with the two hiring managers (they each have a position open), a Manager currently in the role I am interviewing for (he would be a peer) and the VP of the organization.  Also, I was previously phone screened by a recruiter and she set up the on-site schedule, but I did not meet her.  Overall, I was very happy with how the interviews went and I very interested in the position. 

After the 10/29 interviews, I sent hand-written thank yous and I have since followed-up weekly (first phone, then email).  I have only called one of the hiring managers and the recruiter.  I left them both voicemails.  Last Friday (11/12) I sent both hiring managers and the recruiter a follow-up email (using the MT Interview Series format).  The recruiter and one of the hiring replied and indicated that they are still interviewing other candidates.  The hiring manager who replied went as far as letting me know that this will probably go on through out the holidays.  This hiring manager was very friendly with me and said mentioned a couple times that I could call or write if I had questions, etc.  The recruiter essentially said, "We are still interviewing.  I'll let you know something when I know something."  

This has generated the following questions for me:

At this point, should I only follow-up with the one hiring manager?  Or should I continue to follow-up with the two hiring managers and the recruiter?  I am definitely a little uncomfortable with following up when an expectation was (kind of) set that a decision will be made after the holiday.  However, I cannot disappear.  So what do I say when I follow-up?  Something like, "...I know it's going to be a little while until you make a decision, but I just didn't want you to forget about me!"  

I guess at this point, what I think I'll do is follow-up with the hiring manager who replied to my last email.  I'll let her know that I'll continue to follow-up with her until they make a decision.  I'll stop following up with the recruiter (I don't see the point).  Also, what do I do about the other hiring manager?  Should I follow-up with him too?  That one makes me a tad uncomfortable because his office is next door to the hiring manager who seems more open to communicating with me.  

I would appreciate other thoughts and opinions.

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Absolutely follow up with both managers. You now have the relationships with them, not the recruiter.  She isn't going to make a hiring decision, so unless you want a relationship with her, she is out of the mix.  Good luck.