Hi all,

I recently discovered MT and am trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible. I was hoping for some guidance for my situation.

BLUF: I interviewed for a Professional Services Manager position but was suggested that I apply as a team member instead.

I am a project manager looking to transition into a management role. A recruiting agency arranged an interview for a manager role at a small company.

During the HR interview I indicated that team members reported to me on project related tasks but were not direct reports and was still asked to interview with the hiring manager.

In the interview with the hiring manager I was asked how many directs I had. Again, I stated that team members reported to me on project related tasks and I did not have direct reports.

The recruiting agency got feedback from the company indicating that they really like me but are concerned that I do not have direct management experience. The small company has suggested that they'd like me to come on board as a team member to be "groomed" for the management role.

It feels like a dangle to me. What are your thoughts?


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Having been the "victim" of a dangle once, if it looks & feels like a dangle, it is.

If you are interested in the job they are offering, then go for it.  Do your best work, soak up all you can and be ready to apply when another position, there or at another company comes along.  To take a job with the hope of getting another one is an exercise in frustration.  You'll always be looking down the road & might just miss the fantastic opportunity right in front of you.

FWIW, in my company, the dangle did pay off eventually.  It was a very long wait and I was nearly frustrated enough to quit.  Had I recognized the dangle for what it was, I think the frustration would have been much less.

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Jeff, firstly you have recognised it. Most of us have to go through a dangle the hard way before we learn to see it for what it is, so you're one up on me!

I have to agree with the OP, it's a dangle and you take it for what it is. Unless you agree everything in writing up front, then what you have is the offer on the table and no more.


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I lucked out by listening to "The Dangle" podcast before having to go through it the hard way. I really want to transition to management but I'm not sure if I want to transition via "The Dangle".

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


asteriskrntt1's picture is not a dangle.  Maybe the company does have a development plan.  Don't dismiss it.  Carry the dangle in the back of your mind to look for red flags... but don't prematurely label it and miss an opportunity.

PS - Don't be afraid to challenge them a little.  In some format that is comfortable to you, ask "if they are worried about my not having directs, can you tell me how they all got their positions? I mean, at one point, they all had to have been working with no directs until the first time they started managing directs, right?"