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I have recently become a big fan of the podcast and the website; however, my only regret is not knowing about this earlier.

Anyways, I interviewed with a large public company 6 weeks ago for an entry level rotational program (I graduated from undergrad a year ago) and was able to make it to the 3rd and final stage of interviews. Since I do not live in the area the company paid for my flight, hotel and transportation to come interview with them, which made me feel very good about my chances. I interviewed with the managers of each department I would work in as well as the HR reps I interviewed with before over the phone. Having recently discovered Manager Tools I realize that I made a big mistake by not closing out the interview; however, overall I felt I did well.

At the end of the interview I asked when they would have a decision made and they said by April 1st. The day after the interviews I sent thank you notes to everyone I interviewed with and waited until the 1st to hear back. After not receiving a call on the 1st I called the next day and spoke to the HR manager who let me know things were pushed back a bit and that I should call back in a week. I did as instructed and called in a week ( on the 8th) and was not able to get a hold of the HR manager so I left a message.  I followed up again and called on the 13th and on the 20th and left messages each time; however, I have yet to receive any call back or email.

I have already assumed I did not get the job; however, I would like to speak to the HR manager to at least discuss why I was not chosen so that I can learn and improve for future interviews. I have the contact information for the department managers I interviewed with as well, should I try to contact them or should I just let it go?

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You've already learned something.  Mainly to close.  The HR person is probably ducking your call.  There is no upside to her taking your call.  From her perspective the only thing that can happen is you get upset, and possibly set them up for a lawsuit.  Just move on.

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I see no reason to believe that you have lost this opportunity.  Companies are notoriously slow, and they are terrible about not communicating.  (This is from the candidate's view; from the company's narrow perspective, it makes sense, after a fashion.)

Keep calling.


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Thank you both for the advice.

I will continue to call to see if I can get a hold of the HR Manger; however, if I am unable to do that should I attempt to contact one of the department mangers I interviewed with?

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You are entitled to a personalized answer from any company that has interviewed you. The company is entitled to a lot of time to make their decision. There are all sorts of reasons it might be taking them six weeks to get back to you. It can seem like an eternity for you, but companies tend to move more slowly.

That said, you are absolutely entitled to hear a live human being say "We're offering you the job," or "We're not offering you the job." The company does not get to "pocket-veto" you simply by ducking your calls. I suggest you call, politely, once per week until you get an answer. It's fine to spread those calls around to different people who interviewed you.

Good luck, keep your spirits up, and let us know what happens.

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I continued calling the HR rep once a week with no results, so I eventually e-mailed one of the directors I interviewed with. He promptly responded back to me the same day and said he would have someone from HR call me. Of course the same HR person I have been calling for the past month and a half was the one to call me and let me know I did not get the job. I was unable answer my phone so she left me a message and when I called back about twenty minutes later she did not answer. I left a message thanking her for getting back to me and asked if we could chat for a couple of minutes to discuss where I may gone wrong through the interview process. However, knowing how hard it was to just get a yes or no answer I highly doubt that will happen at this point.

Thanks again for everyone's help and advice.