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I was amazed at the questioning skill of this generation!!!.

Over the last couple of days, I take my 13 year old son for a walk after dinner. It is about 25 minutes. During the walk his questions were. (Besides informing the happening in school, Chelsea Football club)

1) Who was my mentor at my young age.
2) What was my biggest challenge in life.
3) What was the important decisions I took, why I took such decisions.
4) What was one thing that I would change if given a second chance.
5) What was my most fulfilling achievement in life.
6) Which is the decision I took for which I repent/ regret? (Stumped there!!). That one I had to think a full minute, before I opened my mouth.
7) Which was the job I enjoyed the most, Why did I enjoy?
8) Who was my best boss, why I like him /her?

Thirty years ago, I cant even think on such lines. Times have changed, I guess.
Wonder!,what different questions would come up when he goes for his job search in 10 years. I guess the questioning level too would have gone up a notch.
Welcome to behavior interviewing.


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Wow. Imagine the advantage your son is going to have if he's ready to hear that information from you.

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Children have a way of bringing everything quickly into focus. What an awesome conversation you must have had!