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Our IT department has a business casual dress code. My team and I are conducting some interviews this week. While I expect the Interviewee to wear a suit, what about the Interviewer (a.k.a. the rest of us)? Should we wear a suit when it is not the dress standard, or code, for our office?

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When interviewing candidates I dress using the same guidance MT gives in the Interview Series. It has never hurt anything. In some cases I can tell candidates have seen it as a level of professionalism not exhibited by all companies.

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Same as for a candidate

If the office standard is polo shirt, wear a business shirt that day.

If the office standard is a business shirt, wear a tie or jacket

If the office standard is jeans, wear business trousers.

If the office standard is alread suit and tie, then no need to take it any higher.

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I interviewed at Amazon in a suit, and I think it was a mistake. Most interviewers there were half my age, wore T-shirts with some printing on them, and had the hipster beards. I was "not a fit."