Hello all~

I got a phone call today to go and meet a headhunter in their office for a 2nd round interview. I've listened to the free interview content from MT but haven't paid for the Premium stuff...

Because I've never interviewed with a headhunter before, I was wondering if there was anything in particular that they were looking for in candidates that is not typical for a hiring manager at an organization.

For example, a hiring manager at an organization might be looking for a Java developer or PHP coder, while a headhunter may be looking for someone they can "sell" to all different types of IT-related jobs.

I've reviewed my resume to look for high points and experiences best worth sharing, but I can't help but wonder if I'm not missing something that headhunters will find especially valuable... or perhaps I'm just a bit paranoid! ;)

Time to go to sleep... wish me luck for tomorrow~

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Buy the interview series. Best value around.

An interview is an interview. If you're prepared, you're prepared. Show energy and enthusiasm.

Did I mention that you should buy the interview series?


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ha ha...

Indeed you have - this is actually the second post you've had recommending it... leading me to believe I should bite the bullet and just buy it - I guess I can be spectacularly cheap at times, but if it is worth the investment (and helps me get a good job!), it must be worth the pay~


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The interview series has helped me be much better at interviewing. It's a really rich source of information about the process.


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It's worth every penny and then some.

When someone tells me they're job hunting, I send them here regardless of the field. I cannot say it loud enough or often enough.

It's worth every penny and then a great deal.

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I own my company, don't plan on applying for any job anytime soon. I'm happy I got to listen to the interview podcast, it was worth the money to me.

If I were you, I'd expect the interview podcast to increase my chances of getting a well paying job. It would be worth thousands of dollars to me.