I am debating about paying for the annual premium membership so I can get the interview series. Is the $180 worth it? So far I have heard only positive remarks about the interviewing techniques and I have my first management interview coming up next week. I really enjoy the podcasts as well. I assume since I find the free podcasts extremely helpful the interviewing series would pay for itself. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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Yes, definately!


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The interviewing series is worth many times more than what M&M cherged for it.

It will open your eyes to things you never even imagined. Like a lot of MT casts, there are major gold nuggets of information that the cast was focused on as well as little side comments that add even more insight.

I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is even considering an interview.

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Is it worth it? Yes. I've told everyone with ears looking for a job that this will give them the boost they need to answer effectively, know how to answer those annoying behavioral questions without just trying to morph the question to what they know, and know they're walking in feeling good.

It's probably worth about $12k to me.

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Definitely worth it.


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It is worth it, but do it soon, as there is a lot of material to review and some of the steps suggested as preparation are best done with a bit of time.

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Let me guess... on the DISC model, you are a High C... despite overwhelming evidence that says this is spectacular, you put out a call for more information before making the decision.

Don't order it. Then you will have to make decisions on whether to actually listen to it, then decisions on whether to apply it and on whether to take the job offers. Avoid this. It is your worst nightmare.


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I appreciate all the feedback. I will definately purchase the premium content.

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I bought it, even though I'm not planning on interviewing anytime soon. As someone who interviews candidates once a week on average, the series actually helped me [i]as an interviewer[/i] become better. A caveat, though: you'll listen to what really effective interviewees should be doing, and since NOBODY does this stuff, all the candidates you interview will start to look terrible. Maybe that's a good thing. :-)

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YI'll chime in that this is the biggest value in history - $180 is *dirt cheap* compared to the value of the information provided, and the confidence that it generates. I think M&M might have accidentally dropped a zero or something when they priced it . . . ;-)

... why are you still reading? Go get it NOW!

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Oh I bought the premium upgrade today and read some of the transcripts already. Really great stuff here. I am already feeling more confident just from what little I have read.

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The series helped me get 2 offers out of 3 interview. What can I say more...

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I paid for the premium content just to give back a little for what I had already received. Then I found out it came with the Interview series. (This is not true forever, from my understanding.) So what the heck I listened. I own my own company, when am I going to interview? Hey, what do you know, the podcasts are up to MT standards and I learned a ton.

Now I'm looking around for another opportunity to give something back. :)

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Tony - to add to that - 3 interviews, 3 offers, and I had my choice of them all.

Afterwards, I had a number of people in upper management *not* involved in my interviews that they heard amazing things and were sorry they weren't there to experience it. Talk about high praise.

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I am looking for a tactic on how to handle the inevitable, "Tell me about your weakness" kind of question. Perhaps I missed it in the interview series. Some previous posts indicate there is some material out there.


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This (the weakness question) was presented in the regular casts on 21 January 07.

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there is absolutely a podcast on handling the weakness question. It is from Jan 21, 2007 and it might be a members only podcast.

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Thanks guys, I found it. And since I am a premium member now I have access to all the podcasts! 8)

Update. The interview I am preparing for has taken on a different twist. I thought there might be an opportunity for a face-to-face with one or two people. Now it appears there will be separate interviews over the phone, 4-5 total this week. Right now I have 3 scheduled and a fourth should be scheduled in the next day or so. It may be delayed until next week, not sure yet.

The interview series has been immensely helpful. I feel the most prepared I have ever felt for an interview. I will close, just trying to refine my response.
I should have some updates beginning Wed evening after my first interview.

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I would close every one of those people - they all have a stake in the hiring decision.

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mountzc - Knock 'em dead! And if you have already, tell us about it!

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Two down, three to go. I closed on each one. Tomorrow is different. I knew the interviewers today one for 8 years and the other for 3+. Tomorrow is the big day. I felt they went well today and I think I will be even better tomorrow in communicating why I am the person for the job.

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Definetly powerfull material. Due to time issues (and some a bit of courage) I can only say I applied 70% and still I got the offer I was looking for.

I got my opportunity to start fresh in a new field. My new boss was realy appreciative of the thank you note, it realy made an impact.

The interview series is a must have.

Tijuana, Mexico

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Congratulations, and good luck in the new job!

I've found the series to be valuable as an interviewer, too. I ask better questions and evaluate candidates more thoroughly.

A great series, truly.


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Well, no info on the job yet but I felt the series was well worth the money.

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[quote]Well, no info on the job yet but I felt the series was well worth the money.[/quote]

Don't forget to follow up! It's been a week!

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Perhaps my favorite thread of all time (so far)!

Thanks to those of you who shared your experience with the value of the Interview Series.

We'll be adding the Leadership Style question to it shortly, I think.


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The leadership question podcast was out in 72 Hrs since your post. Thanks.

Thanks to you and Mike to include in Members only Podcast, You could have chosen this as a part of the Interview series. Another example of GIVE GIVE GIVE. Great Gesture.

I am sure more people will get a flavor of what is covered in the Interview podcast series, and would take the Interview series cast, to make themselves better equipped to face future interviews.


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Wow. That is all I can say to describe the Interview series. I know that this will fundamentally change all of my job searches from now on.

Thank You.

Now a Question for the community. What other casts should be added to my Interview Series playlist that I will be reviewing when preparing for an interview? I already added the "Answering the Weakness Question" and the "Leadership Style Question" to the list (right after the "Examples of Significant Achievements"). I will also add the "Accomplishments - Connecting Resumes and Interviews" from 9-20-2006. What other casts in the archive fit into the series?


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I'd add these:

Pre-Employment testing (8-27-07)
Horstman's Wager (9-17 and 24, 07)
The Weakness Question (1-22-07)

And don't forget the 'casts about networking and working with recruiters.


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Is the handshake cast in there?

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I just signed up last minute so that I could get a hold of it. I don't know when I'll be interviewing next. I'm still in the early stages of my career and $180.00 is quite a bit of money on my budget but I decided that the other material has helped me so much that I had to find a way to afford it! I'm listening right now. Someday, the money spent will be well worth it to me. It will give me an edge that no one else will have. OF course, unless everyone in the world gets a hold of this content.

Thanks guys!

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I really think that the beauty of it is this: even if the entire rest of the world DOES get ahold of this material, you will STILL shine the brighter for it.

A friend of mine is applying for an internal position with his company. I suggested that he seek out the interview series. He's a phenomenal guy, with an incredible track record with his company. My reasoning? It's all about taking your data, putting it into a format you can easily use, and giving solid, honest answers that demonstrate everything you have to offer. No matter who you are, being able to highlight those things will serve you well - even in a world where everyone else can do the same thing we would all stand out for our individual achievements.

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Julia - you are so right (as usual)!.

[quote]even if the entire rest of the world DOES get ahold of this material, you will STILL shine the brighter for it. [/quote]

because 90% of people will not implement any of it.. and then wonder why it doesn't work.