BLUF:  Is the Interviewing Series appropriate/worthwhile when interviewing for a non-management position?

I am currently in a low-level management position, but I am applying for a non-management position within the same company that better reflects the direction I want to be moving in.  The new position would be a more technical role focused on leading projects, developing process efficiencies, basic programming/database skills, etc.

I assume that any advice that applies toward a management interview would apply equally well to just about any interview.  However, I wasn't sure how targeted the Interviewing Series was.  Would the series be worth my while even though I'm not applying for a management position?

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 BLUF: Yes

We used it to interview for a site supervisor position.  Out of the 12 or so questions there were 2 that I didn't use as they were not relevant.

The ability to add custom questions fixed that.

I would use it again

Merry Christmas


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 Sorry, I only read your first line.  I should have read further

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There are lots of soft skills in here that are universal and transferable. By understanding the principles in the casts you can see what qualities (good) managers are looking for and also unlock the reasons why they ask the questions they do (i.e. behavioural questions) and answer appropriately.

However for me the most valuable element is identifying what a good manager should be doing. Therefore you can ask you future manager about how they manage their staff, how they approach professional development of their directs, how are your objectives aligned with the businesses, etc.

The vast majority of the casts are extremely useful for non-managers, many are about soft skills and tools. Even if you don't use the tools and techniques yourself it is a great insight into the motivations and priorities of a manager.

Hope this helps! Jonno

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BLUF: Yes.

I am only half-way through the series, but have found the advice to be practically universal so far. In fact, I don't see anything in there that I would judge to be exclusive to managers.

Good luck with your application & interviews

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Yes it is.

No question about it, the interview series is generic in terms of the level of job for which one is being interviewed. Its advice will continue to be applicable regardless of the level of job for which you might subsequently interview in the future, too.

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The interviewing series is applicable to any interview where you want to come across as prepared and professional.