I have been listening to Manager Tools for over 18 months. About 12 months ago I decided that my career was not heading in the direction I liked and I started looking at other opportunities. After applying for several positions and securing interviews I became a little disilusioned with the whole process. I was interviewed for about 8 positions with no success. I took a long break from work and re-evaluated where I was heading.

After returning to work I started applying myself to the task of getting a job and approaching it in a professional manner, applying for all positions that I thought had excellent prospects. Over Christmas I took the plunge and bought the interviewing series from Manager Tools. I followed the advice given and prepared, prepared and prepared. Much to my family's dismay I recorded myself on video and practiced the important questions. I had 3 interviews early this year, took an honest and open approach with the recruiters and absolutely nailed the interviews. By having well rehearsed answers I was able to concentrate on my body language and portayal of confidence and enthusiasm in the interview. I nailed the interviews! All 3 positions went to a second interview and I was lucky enough to get 3 offers in a single week. During the offer stage of my prefered job I was flown up and given a choice of the job I applied for and a more senior position. I took the more senior position. The company is fantastic and the level of responsibility is just what I needed.
Future prospects are fantastic and I'm enjoying the work.

Take it from me, the interviewing series is well worth the money. As an aside I secured a 50% pay rise and paid for the series in my first week of work.

Thank-you Mark and Mike, keep up the great work! I hope to see you in Sydney!


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Congratulations - Well Done!

Great testimony. I just purchased a digital voice recorder to practice with. I'll keep your story in my back pocket for inspiration.


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Another case of well informed hard work paying off. Excellent!

Please keep us posted on your first 90 days...and beyond...


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Very exciting to hear!
I just purchased the Interviewing content a few days ago. The value is absolutely tremendous. Your testimonial proves that once again.

Keep us updated.


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Very well done. Congratulations and good luck in your new position.

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Congratulations! I love it when people find great jobs :)

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Wow, 8 interviews no offers.

3 interviews 3 offers.

Looks like a positive impact.

But be fair to yourself, you did all of that prep work. You earned those offers. M&M just told you how to do it. So good for you!

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Congratulations Nudge! The interview series is great, isn't it?

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Couldn't be more happy for you ... congratulations and well done!

Best Regards,