Mark & Mike,

In a few of your podcasts (specifically your 1 year anniversary) you made mention of a set of podcasts around the topic of interviewing skills that you will make available for purchase. If my memory serves me correctly, I think you mentioned 15 podcasts for somewhere between 100 and 150 dollars. Is there any timeline for this?

By the way, I found your podcasts about 3 weeks ago when I purchased my iPod and cannot stop listening to them (my wife thinks I am nuts because I listen to at least 5 of your podcasts every day). I cannot believe that you give information like this out for free! This really speaks to the type of individuals that you are and how much you really care about making all of us better people. I cannot thank you enough for this huge set of invaluable information and I look forward to the premium content.


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Mike and I have done poorly at predicting dates of roll-outs (which is kind of funny, since we've done very well with delivering casts). So, for now, I can tell you that our plans are to do so soon.

And, we're glad you're getting value from our work. Your not being able to believe that we give this stuff away is exactly our intent. We like Seth Godin's idea of "remarkability" - if we make our work exceptional, you'll benefit and tell others.