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I'm on furlough and am exploring new opportunities.  I am not confident that I'll be invited back at the end of the furlough.

Questions I have:

Should I tell prospective employers I'm furloughed? 

Should I tell my direct supervisor I'm interviewing? I'd like her recommendation-but I don't want to jeopardize being recalled from furlough.

I would have applied for this position whether or not I was furloughed-I am a good fit for the position and I like the company.  

Thanks in advance!




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I'm not sure exactly what furlough is in your case - in my experience it's not a negative thing and so shouldn't be a reason not to tell your prospective employer. There are plenty of examples in the podcasts where note is made to fully and openly include all the bits of your history - even things like getting sacked. In the scheme of things, trying to hide this stuff is much worse than dealing with it.

People understand. I'd tell them.

As for telling your current supervisior - it depends on your relationship with her. If her previousl behaviour suggests it will impact negatively, I'd avoid it but if not and you have a positive and generally open relationship, again the best bet is for open honesty.

That's my $0.02