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I was surprised to hear not to use a speakerphone for Zoom interviews.

I work from my home office, or my own office in the company, and use a Jabra SPEAK 510 (USB). And I always get the feedback that my sound quality is much better than of anyone else.

Can someone explain why it is not recommended to use a speakerphone? I can imagine, if you're working from a cubicle or in a busy area, then it's not a good idea. But I cannot see generic disadvantages.

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Dear JBezem

In my enclosed office I also had a Jabra SPEAK 510 and indeed its quality is good. It is especially useful if you want to have someone in your office with you (preCovid days of course). And when I asked people how they perceived the audio quality they always said it was good like your colleagues did. Indeed it is way better than the laptop built in microphone.

But following the MT advice I did trial Jabra Evolve wireless headset. With some colleagues I tried switching between the Evolve headset and the Speak speakerphone and they all noticed a superior quality with the headset. A richer sound, clearer intonation, and made a stronger presence. So for important meetings and especially interviews I would use the headset to make the strongest vocal impression.

What I would really like is a nice speaker and a clip-on microphone like they have for presenting in an auditorium - but I have never seen such a thing for laptops.