Just conducted an Introductions exercise for the first time, with my team. We have added 2 new people in the last 6 weeks, so that's the reason I gave. I thought I would feel like a dork, but it was pretty fun! I haven't had any feedback from anyone though.

I've been working with the one woman for almost 8 years and I never knew she drove a school bus for a year! 8)

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At the San Antonio Conference M&M did the introduction exercise for [b]100+ people[/b]. Though it took quite a long time, it was very beneficial. Throughout the conference, I would go up to "strangers" and say, "you're the one that takes Improv, right? I did as well and..."

You don't realize the power of it until later in the event.

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100 people? :shock: Zowie!

That's on the agenda for the Chicago Meet-Up next week, I trust?

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The introductory exercise is extremely powerful. I've used it 4 times since the MT Washington DC conference. And it has always been something folks thank me for after the meeting.

It does take a long time with 100+ people but it is amazing effective.


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Congratulations, Terri! I know you were a bit nervous about the implementation - I'm glad it went so well.

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Hi, This introductions exercise sounds interesting, but I think I missed something. Would someone share with me or point me to the podcast that explains it? I'm doing a session this week and could use 'something' good. Thanks!

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Members only podcast, Dec 03, 2005