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Question: What is the right order for introducing MT to brand new managers (3 years out of school - 1st real job) who are being promoted to manage their erstwhile peers? 
Do they need to know the basics of Career Tools before we start working on Manager Tools? Do we run through theory before starting how-tos?
Their current manager is one of the rare types who gets amazing results and retention without using MT tools, so they do not have the experience of the Trinity from the direct's POV.
I was thinking:

  1. Results and Retention
  2. Managers are communicated THROUGH (you ARE the company)

After that, I am not sure whether I should take them through:

  • A) the Management Trinity (theory) casts, 
  • B) straight into the BASICS and then Rollout casts - One on Ones and then through the other Trinity tools, or 
  • C) more General guidance like honoring the answers to questions, One Kind Thing, Work AND Reporting, Get out of Jail/Meetings, etc.

Thanks all for any input.