My name is Carlo Jose. I work with HSBC (the world's local bank) in the Global Resourcing space. Based in Manila, Philippines, our facility is one of several scattered across China, India, Malaysia and the Philippines, that provide call center, data entry, professional services, data procesing to other HSBC subsidiaries in the world. I'm Vice President for Operations for a US-based call center process with more than 400 staff today, and growing.

I have been working in the business process outsourcing industry for 6 years and started entry level at a company called eTelecare Global Solutions. As the BPO boom in Manila started around the time I began my career in it, I was fortunate to be in the rate place at the right time, and with enough elbow grease to ride the wave as the industry just exploded. At in 2000 there were maybe 10,000 BPO jobs in Manila. At year end last year industry estimates 80,000. Phenomenal growth over a 5 year timeframe.

This is where I get most fulfillment from my current role. As we continue to do our jobs well and my team produces the right results, we have the opportunity to create even more jobs and raise the standard of living and wages in our country. I understand this might be a hot topic especially in the affected industries in North America and may be a topic for discussion elsewhere.

I started listening to MT early this year... or perhaps late last year. Found it as a result of looking for useful content in iTunes. There's a lot of junk out there and it was a great suprise to find MT. The most useful content in the most awesome podcast packaging! Love the discussion topics. Love the way it is shared through your 2 way conversations. Love the random anecdotal banter that keeps the cast interesting. And the great thing is, i always walk away with something tangible to try out, and only myself to blame if i don't.

Most valuable for me are the tools on meeting management, 1:1s and i've just finished listening to DISC on the member podcasts. Awesome job guys and I hope you continue to do this forever. I've introduced the website to my direct reports and am hearing good feedback as well.


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Thanks for a great introduction. We really appreciate it when members take time to tell us about themselves. It helps others understand your perspective, and it makes it easier for us to feel like we're creating the best relationship with you that we can be.

We're proud to have you as a member, and look forward to continuing to help you become more effective for a long time.