This post is about my experience with the Introduction Meeting.

Manager-Tools: ‘If you’re leading a meeting where a team is being formed, or a project group is meeting for the first time, I recommend you use this tool to start off well. In fact, it is so effective, it is my all-time favorite manager tool.

I’ve been leading meetings as a manager, leader and now consultant and facilitator for 20+ years. I’ve seen hundreds of ways to do this, and used many of them myself.This tool is by far the simplest to understand and the easiest to remember for everyone. (…)’


Recently I have used this ‘Manager Tool’ for the first time. This was in a professional setting, with some 18 participants. Some of them were new to the group.

I received some very positive feedback on this ‘Meeting Introduction’; so I can really recommend it. Some tips:

* really prepare this well (I even translated the instruction sheet into Dutch; glanced on it during the instruction phase to make sure that I did not forget important aspects.
* do not rush!
* make sure that the welcome cheer at the beginning of every introduction is done by everyone; and also the cheering at the end. These are really key succes factors!

You can find this members-only podcast at:

Do you have experience with this tool, or other ways of introducing people in a large meeting?

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Just used the intro technique yesterday and it went great. At the end of the meeting most people mentioned it as very useful even though it felt kind of silly. You're right about the welcome cheer and ending cheer are key.

A funny note - when one person was sharing their SNOKAY they said they had taken lots of drugs. Ugh! Everyone was a little shocked. During my explanation I really emphasised ATIP, but this guy still slipped through.

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Great idea. This tool got lost in my Manager's Toolbox. I recall it from the March Conference. Next Friday I've got a project kickoff meeting in my new role. I cannot wait to use it! Thanks for reminding me.

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My team has grown from 2 to 4 and I am about to start weekly staff meetings. Whether or not I should have already been having them is water under the bridge, obviously. I am getting set up with my podcast outlines and I'm feeling energized to add this need angle of communication to the team.

However, the increase in size of the team also means that my boss and another exec in the company want to begin defining projects, assigning work, and getting results at a much higher level from everyone on my team, and they'd like it yesterday (of course).

So I'm jumping up the meeting from next week to this week, lest my manager attempt a waterfall skip level meeting which I feel would severely undermine my authority (which is already an area that needs work). I've asserted that this is my meeting and I will run it, because I need to be responsible for the results.

I will set up the EMP and try to set the expectation that this meeting is regular, scheduled, intentional and what the overall purpose and goal is - despite the actual (and abrupt) content of the very first meeting.

Any tips to make sure the expectations correctly - essentially that I am not trying to hold meetings to dump changes upon their heads?

Thank you!