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Hi all - I've been an avid listen of the Manager Tools podcast for about 6 months but finally decided to hop on and contribute to the forum! I'm a Senior Project Manager with a large managed health care company in California. Although, I don't have any long-term direct reports and I'm not considered a "functional" manager, so many of Mike and Mark's topics are relevant to my work. I look forward to contributing to your discussions! Oh, and if any of the other listeners are Project Managers, I have a podcast on Project Management!

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I'm excited to see the name of your podcast: 'controlling chaos' sounds SCRUM related. I'll check it out!



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Welcome, Dina!

I look forward to being interviewed on your podcast in a couple of weeks.

I hope you find the forums helpful. We're glad you're part of our community.


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Just listened to your podcast(s) yesterday ... outstanding! It's now on my permanent list of podcasts!

Welcome aboard ... sounds like you have a *lot* to offer the community here.

best regards,

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Thanks everyone for being so inviting! And I'm glad, Mike, that I'm on your list for podcasts! I'm pleased that you like the show and find it worthy! This really means a lot to me because you guys put out an awesome show!

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Well if Mike just endorsed your podcast like that I'm adding it to ITunes RIGHT NOW! Nice to meet you D, I'm looking forward to listening to your show!