Does anyone have an opinion as to whether one should follow up and clarify an answer or two from an interview?

I could not remember why we had such a high response rate to a certain survey in the interview, which I think gave it a credibility issue. Of course, I did recall as soon as I was back in my car :lol:

Do I make mention of that in a follow up note? Thanks.


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Hmm, I think my instinct would be to not bring it up. M&M said that everyone makes mistakes in the interview. Somehow it smacks of desperation. That's just a gut instinct from me.

In the Interview series M&M do suggest something specific to the interview in the follow-up letter. But I think you'd want something more positive there.

Yup, I'd just let it go. Do it better in the next interview.

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I kind of disagree - sorry Will!

If it was something very esoteric to your previous company and not relevant in the wider world, and you want to correct yourself only because you made a mistake or didn't answer they question well, then no.

But if it's something that was really interesting to the interviewer, I would follow up. Something like - I know you were interested in the survey my previous company did on XXXX and I was able to confirm the figures after our meeting. XX% of whoever did whatever. It was great to meet you and I look forward to talking again soon.

Or you could do something similar as part of your thank you note. Whatever, keep it very light .. it probably won't turn you from a no to a yes, but it would give a good impression, and we know that good impressions when looking for work are gold dust.


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Thanks Will and Wendii

Upon reflection, the interviewer was a super high D. I think he CRAVES the reason behind something that did not work and the possible solution. I provided this in the follow up email but not in the thank you note.

Again, much appreciated


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No need to apologize to me Wendii. You're the recruiter, I'm happy to hear that point of view. That's what the community's about right?

Besides, you kind of let me be right depending on the situation. :)