Hi everyone.  I'm a long-time MT/CT listener.  I am up-to-date with every single episode.  You would think I would have known better, but I did NOT heed the recommendation of keeping 6-months' pay in savings, "just-in-case." When I was let go from a job about a year ago, I really had no more than a month's worth of expenses in my bank account.  So then it came down to making the major cuts that Wendii and Mark talk about in this "Career Failures" series.  With the right amount of cuts, I was able to buy quite a bit of time, and make my  job search far less stressful, and I was even able to enjoy some of the extra time I was able to spend with my family.  If anyone out there is still not convinced this can work for them, I did chronical my experience with this in my own blog about a year ago,, where you can see graphically several scenarios I considered during this timeframe.  Long-story short, I was able to extend the 1-month savings to 3-months' savings very quickly, by cutting expenses, (and I could have cut far deeper), long enough to find employment that was far better than the place I left.  (although, far further from home, but still far better in most aspects.)  

Thanks again, Mark, Mike, Wendii, and the rest of the MT staff.


Aaron Spearin

P.S. Although I came out of this financially better, I still find I'm unable to fully shake the shot to the ego in having gotten fired, even though I hated working there.  It's a lot like having gotten dumped before I was able to dump them. Maybe this is unique to me, but I am curious if there is another cast opportunity address some of the realities of the psychological effects of getting fired.

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Aaron -- Thanks for post.  We're grateful our work has helped you.  I was essentially fired about 7 years ago.  Like you, I'm much happier and better off where I am today.  Yet it still took a good 3 years or so for the sting that you talk about to go away.  I think it's really a case of time healing the wound, as cliched as that is.  

Good luck in your new role!

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