Hi Mark and Mike and the rest of the Manager Tools Community, 

About two years ago I learned I would be transitioning from an IC to a manager role at Lyft in IT. The transition process took six months, and I immediately reached out to my network of friends and connections. One friend suggested the Manager Tools podcast and I was immediately hooked. While we have some really good new manager training at Lyft, the podcast proved to be the bulk of how I trained myself on being a manager. Fast forward two years later, I was promoted recently to a 2nd level manager role with the idea of having managers under me. None of this would be possible in my mind without Mark and Mike in my ear. I'm super grateful to the team at Manager Tools and the obvious care for those of us who manage (and are being managed). I purchased my license a bit later than I would have liked, but in my new position I need to have the time savings of reading the show notes more quickly. 

Thank you,