Hello all,

My name is Craig Cleveland, and I am an IT Project Manager at a large pharmaceutical corporation in the Philly area.

While I do not currently have direct reports, I am finding that [u][b]so[/u][/b] much of what is in manager tools applies to what I'm doing today, not just what I expect to do more of in the future. Some of the team tools, like DiSC, communications, etc. are very helpful when there is little or no hierarchical power involved.

I'm only about 1/3 of the way "caught up" and have found great value. My thanks to Mike and Mark for their effort and dedication!


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Craig, welcome to the forums! I am not a PM but I play one on TV. No, seriously, in my role I work with a lot of PM's and absolutely see the value of M-T in that role. Your customers, partners, stake-holders and manager should all thank you for discovering M-T... and soon they will!

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Glad you're here and getting value from our work.

It's our privilege to do this for you and so many others.


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Hi Craig,
I'm also in the Philly area working for a pharm company but, apparently, not at the same one as you (I didn't find your name in our directory).

I love, love manager tools too - mainly because it helps me to feel confident in bucking our ultra-conservative, COA company culture - which is slowly changing thank goodness. Mainly because our recent "misfortune" has been the best thing that ever happened to us (culture-wise at least... huge hint).

-Colleen Frank

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Hi, Colleen!

I get the hint!

Our company has had a not-so-recent "misfortune" that we're pretty much beyond at this point. I didn't work here at the time of that event so it's hard to say how the culture changed. We still have a pretty strong COA culture....I think to some degree it's the nature of the business.

We're changing though. In my short time here, there's been a lot of progress towards more open collaboration and doing the right things for efficiency's sake. Clearly our industry has some challenges coming up.

Nice to see you online!


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Hey Craig!

Wow, 2 Philly people in one weekend :-)