I am pretty new to this forum and I am not sure this is the right place to ask this. If not feel free to move this to the right place. 
       I am about to start a logistics company in Toronto. I have been running around to set everything up for the company. I've already got a few clients from the contacts at my previous work places. An office has been set up and a few people have been hired. The next thing I need to do is to set the internet at the office. As any business right now the internet is important to run the business. As it is really important I was thinking about hiring a system admin. But a friend told me that it will be a real waste of money and I should consider looking at companies who offer  IT management and support as a service.      
And he explained that these companies provide same services as a system admin both remotely and on site for a monthly fee. Their monthly fee is a lot less than what I could be paying a system admin.
           Since the talk with my friend, I was looking for such companies. I found a few companies and don't know how to evaluate them. I am looking for companies who provide managed IT services and has services in Toronto. The one in the link was the only one among the companies I found who had service in Toronto. If any one has any experiences with the company please review them. Also, suggest some other companies (looking for better ones than this) who fits my needs. 

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Hi PorfirioLJones

This probably isn't the right forum, but here goes anyway.

Not having lived in toronto for 45 years, I can't recommend any Managed IT Vendors there, but at your scale they would definitely be the way to go.

I would suggest googling Managed IT Vendors Toronto Reviews

Then read all the reviews.  For any companies you like the sound of, ring up some of their customers (if they have any visible on their website).  find out what they say to you about the company.  Talk to any companies that you still like the sound of.  In fact, if you have an example of a real problem that you have previously experienced, ask them how they would have approached the same problem.  (An organisation I work with was cheeky enough to ask them about a real problem they were currently experiencing when they were searching.)  When you are happy to move forward, ask for a trial period of, say, 90 days during which you can cancel.

Hope that heps


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Thanks for the reply man.I was thinking about a similar approach. But I thought before doing it I could ask online. From your answer, I believe that the organisation you were working for was looking for a similar company. So who did they select finally?

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Hi again,

Since the organisation is in another city in another country, and they ended up going with a local provider that I knew and introduced them to, I don't think their selection will help you out in your situation.