I have more than 12 years of IT Staffing Sales experience and worked in different capacities from Recruiter to Sales Director of a small company. I cleared all 3 levels of CFA 2 years back and not sure how to switch into Financial Industry. Experts here can advice me and help me what would be the best option. 

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First, congrats on earning your CFA. That is no small feat.

It also positions you well to enter the financial industry, since you are entering with a top credential.

My suggestion would be to emphasize any analytics you used in IT; it is an easier move explaining how you analytic skills in IT now apply to your analytic skills as a CFA in financial services.

A start would be with your existing network (hopefully that is not a surprise).

And of course, there is Career Tools cast discussing changing industries - How To Transfer Between States/Industries - Part 1 on Thu, 01/28/2010.

Something else to consider - stay within IT, and transition over to the finance department. It might be easier to change departments than industries. Once you are in finance, then it is easier to transition to another finance position.

Best wishes with your next chapter in your career!