I have downloaded the last podcast ('performance reviews with little time in role') several times but it's only between 30 and 60 seconds each time.

I also had a problem with the 'politely become part of a group' podcast ending abruptly and deleted it, then re-downloaded it only to find that it too had reduced in size to 40 seconds.

Urgh! I have had this issue with other non-MT podcasts and am at a loss.

I upgraded to itunes 7.0 a month or 2 ago, and just installed the new itunes 7.2 to see if it would fix it ,but to no avail.

It occurs both in trying to play on my pc in itunes and also, obviously on my ipod.

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Have we addressed your question somewhere else? I know we've gotten this question from several people, and I may have seen that we already replied.

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It may seem familiar as this issue arose-initially- after the "how to politely join a group" (13 Nov) ended abruptly in mid-sentence. Mike advised me to delete it and try redownloading it. It wasn't too annoying at that stage because it ended after 26 mins so I had listened to most of the content by that stage.

Since then, I had only succeeded in dowloading 7, 10, 30 seconds of the newer podcasts, up to 2 mins in the past. Today I managed 8 mins of "jumpstarting".

After I delete the erroneous podcasts, I either unsubscribe using the buttons at the bottom of the itunes window or go into itunes music store and manually 'get episodes'.

I seem to have 2 issues:
1- podcasts do not download fully
2- podcasts appear to download fully but end abruptly

I am having issues, too, with BusinessWeek cover story podcasts. But my others- mostly BBC ones- are working perfectly.

I have also looked on the apple site and it seems people are also having problems, but there is no solution