My iTunes is locking up at start-up. The only change I've made recently is adding the automatic feed from ManagerTools with Premium content. Does anybody know an easy way to disable the connection so iTunes can launch freely? My daughter's iTunes (on the same computer) doesn't have the problem, but hers doesn't have the Managers Tools feed either. Would appreciate any ideas on how to troubleshoot this problem.

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If you're using a PC, look for a window (which might be hidden behind another open window) which asks for a password.

I have not had this problem on my Mac, as it stores the username and password in my Keychain.


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Yes - look for that window (and you have to click on it and "approve" each time you plug in your iPod). It's a niggling little extra stap that comes with password-protected content. The fault of Windows, not M-T!

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Thanks for the reply...I can't even get into iTunes without it locking up. Does anyone know if I can delete iTunes from my Program and download it fresh without losing my music, podcasts, etc.? The other option would be to disconnect the automatic launch into managertools premium content when I load iTunes. Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.