iTunes no longer remembers my Manager Tools password. I need to enter it every time I start iTunes.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help - Keith


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 Same for me Keith . . . although iTunes won't even accept my password. 

I have just contacted customer services and hope they can help.



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Please share when you get an asnwer. I figured it was just me. Thanks.

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The same has been happening with me. It seemed to start when I downloaded the latest version of iTunes. Yes, please share the solution...

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Hi everyone,

we're sorry for the trouble you've been having. I've just reset the account of everybody on this thread. Hopefully, that will do the trick. If not, please email us at [email protected] and we'll look a bit deeper.


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 Tried again, and still the same. Also downloaded the iTunes update last night, and that didn't make a difference, either.

Thanks for your help!

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Keith (I'm guessing),

We'd love to be able to help!

Just to make sure we understand the problem right:

  1. You can login to the website just fine.
  2. Your userid and password works on iTunes and you CAN download the podcasts.
  3. iTunes will NOT REMEMBER your userid and password, so you have to keep entering it each time.

Is this correct?


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Not Keith, but I'm having the same problem.


1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Yes

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1. I can access the web site.

2. I can download podcasts.

3. iTunes will not save my userid/password.


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Thank you. That helps. At least I can verify that everything is working properly on our end.

Unfortunately, the problem appears to be a bug in the latest releases of Apple iTunes (starting with Manager Tools is not the only podcast having the issue. There's a thread on the Apple discussion forums here with more details:

By the way, I THINK this is limited to Windows users, but I could be wrong.

Someone on the thread went as far as restoring an older version of iTunes until Apple resolves the issue. Here's what they suggested:

Hi, there,

I went here: to find old iTunes apps. And I went here: to find out how to restore the associated library.

Worked like a charm. Since the password thing was driving me to drink.


I have tested the solution above, so caveat emptor.

I'll do what I can to encourage a fix from Apple.