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This is probably as common as can be, but I was not sure what to do when the recruiter's e-mail showed up in my in-box at work yesterday. It had general information about positions that are specifically applicable to me. My thought was that is was a semi-personal approach. The recruiter knew who I was, but may have also mailed 100s of people in similar positions.

When I got home, I cruised around the MT site to see what M&M or others had to say about responding to e-recruiting and found nothing. Ditto when I listened to the "when the headhunter comes calling" 'casts. I looked at the recruiters' website and saw a smaller, but legit-looking site. So, I figured, if it's real I should respond promptly -- sent a note this morning. I got a call about 10 minutes later.

The conversation went very much by the book (thanks, Mark & Mike!) and the recruiter asked for my resume after he told me who his client was and what positions they were recruiting for (well known company in the business). Score!

My question -- do I really want to get further involved with someone who approched me this way? I'm interested in what others might have to say from their experience.

Thanks in advance,

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You're already there, sir.

You lose nothing by going through the process, provided you can honestly say that you have interest and might very well accept.

If you ever feel pressure to say things that aren't truthful, step away.

Did his mail say ANYTHING personal to indicate that he knew you or was referred to you? If not, that's something to look for next time.


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. . . and here's how it turned out!

First, being contacted by the recruiter spurred me to update my resume. I had been collecting info, but not yet put it in shape. Using the MT example provided & going through the podcast again, three or four hours effort produced what am I sure is the best resume I have ever built for myself (Thanks guys!).

Second, listening to one of the podcasts tipped me off to ensure the recruiter would only send my resume to companies he discussed with me beforehand. He quickly agreed to that.

Third, Mark's reply made me think about my intentions. When I talked with the recruiter this morning I was clear that I am not looking now simply because of having been in my position for only 6 months. And, if the right position came along more than 12 months from now, I'd be interested in talking.

Finally, I told the recruiter I had contacted someone who might be a good fit for his client and that I was waiting on their OK to provide their name.

All in all, it was a very friendly (and quick . . . I could hear that he was busy) conversation. He expressed appreciation for the follow-up and resume. I let him know I would stay in touch and he welcomed that. Now to put a note in my calendar 90 days out . . .

Once again, hats off to MT, for giving me a clear idea of the path I was on and the steps to be taken. It seems obvious now, but I might just as easily have fumbled it.

Many thanks,

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Well done, Lou! And thanks for the update. It's always good to see how we apply the things that come up on the boards. I haven't been in your shoes to date, but your experience would encourage me to do so when the opportunity arises.