I want to thank all of you for the information you've been posting and in particular, to Mark and Mike for the podcast. I truely believe that this podcast was one of the reasons I was promoted to my current position (which was a 2 step jump).

Now that I'm here, I'm very worried about managing a large number of people who were close friends, and some who were actually my management until a few weeks ago.

I've been following the feedback model, and teaching some of my direct reports the model as well. I've also instituted one-on-one's which start next week.

I guess my question is, how do I convince the three other managers in my organization who interviewed for the position, that I'm the right person for the job? Are there any techniques or 3.25 step processes (I've noticed the shift from whole number steps recently) that I can employ that would help keep them on board and increase their weaknesses without hurting their pride and feelings?


sbaptis's picture about you. Quite frankly Dave, I do not believe your promotion is due to anything else except beeing yourself. So you were already the leader, although some of the folks hadn't interiorized it. As Michelangelo once put it "David was already there, I just cleaned the rocks around it". So just be you, man, and you'll do ok.

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Let this go. The way you win them over is with results. If results don't do it, then NOTHING worthwhile will (if they'd put their own ego in front of results, they ought never to be a manager).

Don't try to convince them. don't bring it up. If THEY bring it up, ask them to tell you how they feel, and ask what they expect you to do about it. If they have an issue with the boss, say, "hey, I understand. Why don't you go talk to him/her? You may not be able to hear it from me."

Work on the right stuff, and let them deal with their issues. If they were to leave (worst case) it wouldn't be because you got it, but rather because either they didn't, or they disagree with the boss's decision.

Convince them with results.


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Thank you for the advice. I'm sure that through this awesome resource I'll be able to produce the results that allows my team grow into what I know it can be.


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Hi Dave,

Congratulations on the promotion. A year ago I was in the exact same position as you were.

For me, I found the best thing I did was to let go of those types of feelings and of trying to "prove" I'm worth the position. As Mark says, focus on the results. Listen to them and use their strengths for the benefit of the team. Things will settle down eventually.

Using the feedback model and bringing in one-on-ones so quickly is awesome. Well done to have the courage and step up to the mark. That'll definitely help you get focused on the good stuff.