Hello all, 

I created a feedback app that was inspired by Marks challenge to to, roughly, measure feedback and to overweight top performers. I am not a developer. This was created with an app called Tasker. The feedback app allows you to edit the names of up to 8 directs and view the number of FB, +FB, -FB, and FB for individuals. Every week it will email you a copy and reset the stats. A cumulative feedback list is maintained as a csv file that you can open in Excel.

Here's a video.

Here's what you'll need. 

  • Tasker
  • Email Me Pro (if you want emailed updates)
  • Ipack / Glossy Silver HD (for the icons)
  • The project file to import into Tasker is attached. You'll need to change the extension back to xlm. The forums will not allow a xlm upload so I changed it to txt.

Note: Projects are not visible by default when you install tasker. Your need to pull the project tab down to see it. Here's a picture to show you the project tab. Long press an existing project tab to import the Feedback.prj.xml file. There's a great series on Tasker at Pocketables.


Enjoy!!! and a big thank you to the Manager Tools team for a great resource.