Well let's see, about me...

I'm a 44 year-old divorced father of 2 young girls, ages 9 and 11. Both children are RAPIDLY going on 18. I'm sooooo not prepared for teenaged girls.

I have a degree in Computer Science, and have been a professional "geek" most of my 22-year career. I started out as a programmer in IT, then a software engineer, then back in to IT as a department manager, then a director. After getting laid off in a post-acquisition "restructuring" I became an self-employed IT consultant for 5 years. Needing a little more reliable income right now and not be willing to have to travel extensively to get it post-divorce, I've recently gone back to being a "wage slave" as a Project Manager in a large managed healthcare company. This is the first time in my career when management was my sole focus and I am not expected to also be a technical contributor. This should be interesting.

After discovering Manager Tools about 3 months ago, I have finally "caught up" by listening to all of the regualr podcasts, and have managed to put some of what I have learned in to regular use already. I'm still working through the Members Only casts as I'm letting each of the DISC model casts "soak in" for a month or so before I work on the next one.

I will have to say that those DISC casts are the most powerful tool I've acquired from Manager Tools so far. I've always known people had different styles, and I've always instinctively reacted to different people in different ways, but now I have a framework for making my interactions with others much more effective.

Hopefully I will be able to put something back in to Manager Tools from time to time via this forum. I hope so anyway.


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you already have contributed to the forums, so thank you and welcome aboard!

We look forward to more of your insight as we continue to serve you.