Background - I remember when i was in outplacement over 11 years ago , it was the accepted practice that we scrambled after a new job outside the company and did whatever necessary to keep our current job. With fevorish excitement i registered with everything possible recruiter, looked at any suitable job and applied like crazy but to know avail. In the end i was lucky because i was saved from the approaching doom by someone leaving of their own accord.

Today, I Looking back, and i am forced to question my commitment to look for a new job at the time. becasue i never got as far as one job interview and now i find myself in a similar situation. Thinking that i harboured a desire to stay with what was familair and not jump into the unknown.

My question is this - Is there any way i can validate my desire for a new role with another employer, so that i can move on with the certain knowledge that my desire is genuine. Or is it only by succeeding that this can be done ? I would especially welcome views from anyone who has suffered from htis predicament in recent years.


As always Thx