Great Day All.

I have been newly assigned at this early year to handle 'Job Planning' in the sense of monitoring staffs work performance. My department has always been very cooperative and ongoing practice submission of their work performance report via documents like 'Roles & Responsibilities Checklist' and 'Key Performance Indicator Report' on monthly basis (since last year ; regardless of the newly assignment as I have the duty / ownership to manage my Department).

However, my GM would now like me to further implement my arrangement through out the organization (i.e.: other Departments / Groups) to trace rest of the staffs too. Obviously, to kick-start - my first step of action would to get hold of everyone's Roles & Responsibilities list.

My concerns are:

(a) Myself and the GM only spoken of it verbally. There's no official black and white. Thus some staffs may not be willing or totally ignore my instruction to provide their Roles & Responsibilities.

(b) Difficult personnel would think that I'm 'bossy' and have no rights to track their work performance.

(c) Everyone has enough workload on their current hand. Who / how would they take this new arrangement (new reports submission) positively rather to complaining more unnecessary workload?

It's definitely an interesting assignment. I would like to make this a success. Comments / advise / more suggestion round the forum guys?


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The GM needs to let your peers know that you will be asking for this information and why.  I agree that you will find it difficult to complete the assignment successfully if the  GM's intent isn't know.  I would work with your GM on that.