The CEO of the company for which I work receives notifications any time someone with industry related experience posts a resume on Indeed. After a disappointing round of reorganization at our company, I feel I need to start seeking other opportunities. I want to post my resume on Indeed but am concerned that the CEO, and ultimately my boss, will immediately be aware of my actions. Being that they know I'm unhappy with the recent internal changes, I'm concerned they might just view me as disgruntled or unhappy and send me packing. Any thoughts?

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There is a cast for this, or at least it was mentioned. But the jist of it was, "Hey boss, it's important to me to stay relevant and active in this industry. My posting my resume is just part of that."

IME they're not going to send you packing. Replacing people is hard and expensive. There's very little upside to sending you packing right away. 

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I don't think that is the most effective way of seeking other opportunities. I think talking to your network, asking your friends at competitors in your industry if they would be willing to be a reference, talking with a trusted recruiter or two would be more likely to get you a job you want and give you a good sense of the state of hiring in your industry and any upcoming opportunities (expansions, opening a new office or business line...). There are some great casts on this. And John Lucht's Rites of Passage book is good. Also ramp up your LinkedIn presence and participate in group discussion. Good contributions to groups in LinkedIn will often get you noticed. And LinkedIn participation is very easy to explain as staying active and relevant in the industry. There are some awesome and ethical recruiters, but there are also some really bad ones. Building a relationship with one or two good ones that focus on your industry or skill set will be VERY helpful. Lots of the bad ones will see resumes on Indeed and pitch you all sorts of jobs which may make no sense for you, or that you could have been in a much stronger position had a friend/colleague referred you (because of the personal trusted referral and because you won't have a price on your head). If a not so great recruiter gets your resume from Indeed they could pitch you to a company without your knowledge and now you can't apply there directly or via a referral for at least a year. I think gehrhorn is correct they probably won't send you packing, but it may not be positive at review time or if they stack rank for layoffs. And they may not want to invest in training or growth opportunities for someone they see as a flight risk.