I recently received a job offer and was told that I will have a job title, Senior IT Manager on the offer letter. I asked for the IT director title but that was not possible. The HR from the employer told me that if I prefer, I could put IT director on my name card or LinkedIn. On LinkedIn, I saw some people put their job titles as Senior IT Manager/IT Director. My job scope includes director responsibilities which have 2 tiers of directs. I have the following questions.

1. Does a job title like Senior IT Manager/Director make sense?

2. What is the typical reason of a company being so firm about the job title?  In my case, I did not ask for any compensation change alone with the title change. 





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Your company's practices and policies may have a very specific nomenclature. Internal to the company you are a "Senior IT Manager" and in your LinkedIn profile the short narative can describe the scope of your responsibilities. Some companies use the title "Director" when the person manages no one.

Stick with the correct title.