What is your thinking on altering a job title on a resume, either changing it or adding a parenthetical?  I have previously held  positions in the non-profit arena and the job titles in no way mirror the equivalent role in the private sector.  I am concerned that my resume does not present the career progression that I have actually had due to the inconsistency of job titles.

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The effect that is going to have will depend on the hiring manager and HR department who sees that resume. A sharp hiring manager might be able to notice why you made that change. HR, on the other hand, often sees those titles are clear cut statements of fact, and because most employers won't give out anything but dates of employment and job title, that is what HR will be asking your former employers if they call to verify your resume. It might come off as shady if they ask about your parenthetical title and your former employer says you never held that position.

I would recommend you use the title your company gave you, and you make sure you show the increase in responsibility through the bullet points underneath. Most hiring managers are aware of title inflation, and don't give much credence to them anyway.

Any manager looking at the resume below will recognize which role was bigger.


Individual Account Executive - Super Big NPO 09/2004 - Current
- Managed 8 state region with 4,000 donors totalling $2B per year
- Increased donations for region 7% per year over 10 year tenure

Director of Global Operations - Tiny NPO 03/2001-07/2004
- Managed 23 donors totalling $23M per year.
- Increased donations for managed accounts 6% per year