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Today is my final day at my current employer, Queens University of Charlotte where I've been for more than 9 years, and Monday is my first day at my new company, RingCentral. As I reflect on this transition, I want to thank everyone at Manager Tools for being an instrumental part in my success in this move, which included using MT guidance to sharpen my resume, interview well, receive and respond to offers, how to resign, notifying my current team, what to do during my transition, and what to say during my exit interview (which I had today, and which lasted 7 minutes since I had so little to say). I found all the advice to be spot on, which has made for a really positive experience.

Even more, MT guidance made me a more effective manager in my previous role and has equipped me for success in my new one. Thank you all!

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Congrats for your new Job! Wish you the best!